Ming Yang's June shipment is busy


Since the hot June, the company's leaders have carefully organized and coordinated, and the business, technology, production, quality inspection and other departments have worked together to deliver a batch of high-quality products on time, which has not only won the trust of customers, but also strengthened the confidence of all people.
Mingyang always adheres to market demand-oriented, courageous to explore and innovate, and establishes and operates a complete set of quality system, "production is busy, quality is not forgotten" imprinted on the hearts of everyone!
In the case of large orders and tight delivery time, people are encouraged to work overtime for many days in order to improve production efficiency and ensure that all tasks are completed on time. They work hard at the front line of production and delivery. They use hard work and sweat to submit satisfactory answers to customers.
Ming Yang always upholds the spirit of "people-oriented, win-win" cooperation, adheres to the development concept of "scientific and technological progress, breakthrough and innovation", takes "quality first, honest management" as the direction of efforts, and strives to provide customers with better products.