Quality month


On April 1st,Shandong Mingyang Conveyor Equipment Co.,Ltd.in order of pursue the "zero defect quality"of products and implement the quality policy of"better quality, keep improving",launched a special activity of quality month.
From April 1 to 8,we will carry out quality month activities:by hanging banners,posting relevant bulletin boards,all department use the morning meeting time to promote the atmosphere of quality month special activities.
From April 9 to 24,various thematic activities were carried out to investigate and rectify potential quality hazards at different stages,including the following thems:golden ideas for quality solutions,collection and display of defective products,rational suggestions for quality thematic issues,and hand-patting of potential quality hazards.
General Manager said in the Quality Month Summary Announcement that the Quality Inspection Department should constantly sum up the experience of quality month activities,better instill the company's full participation in quality management,adhere to the principle of better quality,implement lean management in an all-round way,and constantly optimize and improve the quality management.
The quality monthly activity is temporarily over,which is a form of activity,requiring all staff to have sensitivity and enhance quality consciousness in their daily work;for the "bottleneck" and "difficult problems"in quality,we shoule open up our minds,try to find ways,study,solidify and insist more;we should take the lead of the quality inspection department and cooperate closely with all departments to make the company's quality management work come to a new stage.